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Fotografovaná MyScenka: Totally Charmed Delancey



1 Miska | 3. března 2014 v 23:06 | Reagovat

Fotky jsou nadherne, fotis proste uzasne.. Jsou krasne ostre.. Parada.. A tve myscenky vypadaji vzdy neskutecne krasne a originalne.. I kdyz jsou z rady, kterou mam okoukanou, v tvem podani jsou bombove a vypadaji kouzelne ;))

2 Kenzie | 6. března 2014 v 20:15 | Reagovat

Neskutečně krásné .. :)

3 wyscene | 9. března 2014 v 12:50 | Reagovat

Děkuju moc! :)

[1]: Takováhle pochvala potěší ještě víc, když to člověk fotil jen foťákem u mobilu :D

4 Rabbit-moon | E-mail | 28. března 2014 v 23:42 | Reagovat

What a beautiful doll!  I love Delancey.

I am from the United States and love looking at your website.  it's so awesome!  I still love My Scene dolls so much and just recently bought a Golden Bling Chelsea.

I wish your website was also in English so I could read your blog, too, and see what your comments were on your Delancey.

5 MyScene Collector | E-mail | 29. března 2014 v 19:07 | Reagovat

Hi there! I love your blog! I'm hoping you could help me find one doll :) Which doll came with a silver bag/pencil case (tube shape) that you could hang, and it has MyScene logo on one of the sides with three MyScene characters (as a part of the logo)? I just can't remember it and it bothers me, cause I remember that I loved that doll, I just have no idea from which line she came.

Best regards,
MyScene Collector

6 wyscene | 30. března 2014 v 11:37 | Reagovat

[4]: Hi, it's good to see there are still MyScene fans :) Golden Bling is a wonderful collection, I have Kennedy and I absolutely love her long straight hair! I'm sorry with the English, you can try Google Translator... ;)

[5]: Hi, thank you very much :) Did you mean this bag?:

I have this one too, I bought it with Club Birthday Chelsea. You can check out Club Birthday collection ;)

7 MyScene Collector | E-mail | 30. března 2014 v 18:52 | Reagovat

OMG wyscene - that's the one! And the doll I had was Birthday Club - Westley/Madison. Now I remember :)But I also remember just a simple package - without this additional bonus box attached to the original package. But I can be wrong, it was so long time ago. However this is the first time I see this combo pack on the Internet - and I thought I saw your whole blog :D I admire your hard work - collecting all pictures and putting them together must be very time consumeing. Besides that, I'm suprised how many collection they released, cause tons of them I never even heard of. Currently my favourite dolls are Totally Charmed Kennedy and the Nolee from Fab Faces :D

8 wyscene | 30. března 2014 v 19:58 | Reagovat

[7]: There are lots of bags etc. so it's not suprising that you didn't notice it :D I agree, this blog took lot of my time but I did it because I loved (and still love :D ) MyScene and it was fun for me ;) Totally Charmed Kennedy is very beautiful and I really want her but it's difficult to find some cute MyScene dolls now :/

9 MyScene Collector | E-mail | 30. března 2014 v 20:38 | Reagovat

In addition Totally Charmed Kennedy has very soft hair, unlike any other in my opinion and also her face looks more "delicate" in person. I got her 5 years ago, so long time a go. I haven't seen her much on auctions. On top of that european MyScene dolls prices are terribly high + shpping ofcourse. But I still manage to get some good deals. I'm your neighbour btw :D O/ from Austria!

10 wyscene | 31. března 2014 v 20:25 | Reagovat

Oh, I'm so sad that I haven't got her! I ordered Sporty Style Westley today and I hope that I'll really get her ;) There are still some MyScene dolls in e-shops in the Czech Republic but it's difficult to save some money for me, because I often spend them quickly :D Really? I thought that you're from Poland (because of your e-mail :D).

11 MyScene Collector | E-mail | 1. dubna 2014 v 10:47 | Reagovat

[10]::Sporty Style Westley is really pretty, I have only Kennedy from this collection tho. I'm also waiting for a delivery of Foto Fabulous Westley/Madison and Delancey + first line Chelsea. God I love getting dolls cheap ha ha I have a bit of family there :) (in PL)
And why the hell Junglicious are so hard to find, tell me :D I love their dresses. On the other hand I belive that everything what is "rare" makes it more desirble just by this fact :)

12 wyscene | 2. dubna 2014 v 19:16 | Reagovat

I have Foto Fabulous Westley & Delancey, they've enchanted me :D However I don't like Delancey's hair, I find them a bit sparse or something like that :D But she has nice make-up. And first line Chelsea looks really sweet, you're lucky that you'll have her. Junglicious is very original collection in my opinion, I like their dresses too and that idea with twisting their hair. Anyway, yesterday I ordered Disco Girls Nia, I'm enthusiastic about having new MyScene dolls now :D (I have only one Nia so why not :D ) I think you're definitely right with "what's rare makes it more desirable" ;) However, there are lots of MyScene dolls which I want but I haven't opportunity to get them.

13 MyScene Collector | E-mail | 2. dubna 2014 v 21:52 | Reagovat

[12]: Hey, today I recived all three. I love them all :) The only thing that I didn't like is the fact, that Delnacey is loosing hair when brushed. I had to brush all of them, just a bit, you know, to remove a bit of this gel that they usually put on their hair. But Delancey lost quite a lot, that never really happened before. Oh well, what can I say :D I just took a look at the Nia you ordered - I'm so jelly :D In my opinion she is having the best outfit, really pretty and sparkly. Can you by any chance link me some of this sites that you shop on? Even when they are in your language, I'll do my best with translating :) That is, if it's not any secret ha ha And I agree that there is plenty of MyScene dolls, but I never seen like ALL of them on auctions. Golden Bling and Splashy Chic are not any crazy rare, but those two collections are the ones that I'm currently looking for :) And ofcourse some few single dolls ;) Are you collecting only MyScene dolls? I'm a Barbie and Monster High collector, My Scenes I started about 5 months ago :) Also I don't have pleasure to collect like whole collections - just what I really like. And before my Foto Fabulous came I bought at my local toy store Blondie Locks from Ever After High - I'm sure you familiar with them aswell ;)

14 wyscene | 4. dubna 2014 v 22:03 | Reagovat

Omg, today have arrived both - SS West and DG Nia! They're totally wonderful, I must stare at them all the time :D I see that we both have a problem with FF Delancey's hair :D I often order My Scene dolls in small e-shops, here's the list:
For example I ordered Disco Girls Nia here:
Golden Bling is rare here in the Czech Republic, I always wanted Delancey! :D No, I'm only My Scene collector, sometimes I think that I'm still collector because of this blog... I definitely think that Barbie and Monster High are very beautiful but I haven't "urge" to collect them. And in my opinion is doll collecting a bit expensive hobby :D But that doesn't mean that isn't pleasure for me looking at dozens of boxes with dolls in the toy stores ;)

15 MyScene Collector | E-mail | 9. dubna 2014 v 11:49 | Reagovat

[14]: They look totally cool - I saw your new photo session - like I said, Nia is my fave one :D No wonder why you stare at them :D Ok, I inspected the links you shared with me - thanks a lot! But it looks like I will not be able to shop at them :/ Definitely it is an expensive hobby, but it is also our guilty pleasure :D I have my birthady coming up soon and I'm thinking with which dolls shuld I treat myself ha ha I keep my eye on ebay :p I sacrificed a whole room for my dolls collection but I also keep clear displays around me - here and there. I like to change them and create some scenery depending on how I feel or on a current season. I sent you one pic on your email :D There is from the left Ever After High, MH and MyScene i just got recently.

16 wyscene | 12. dubna 2014 v 15:14 | Reagovat

Thanks :D I think I'll buy Disco Girls Chelsea, then I'll have the whole DG collection (I have bought Kennedy some years before). I hope that you'll treat yourself with some MyScene doll/dolls :D You have great ideas but it's kind of unimaginable to me, I haven't much place for my dolls :D I saw that photo, they're all very beautiful :3 I always think that Frankie Stein is the best from the basic MH dolls :D A dress of Ever After High Blondie is totally wonderful! And what did cause that you collect MyScene dolls?

17 MyScene Collector | E-mail | 12. dubna 2014 v 17:32 | Reagovat

[16]: MyScene doll was the first one that I bought for myself. At that time this was for me the most attractive doll. Barbie was too "pinky" and I couldn't afford the collector dolls. MyScene was the one :)) My favourite MH characters are Jackson Jekyll and Spectra. From Ever After High is definitely Blondie Lockes - she reminds me a lot of Alice in Wonderland with her blond hair and blue skirt and Alice is my fave character from a fairy tale :) Oh I will treat myself with some MyScene and other dolls :D Do you have any favourite dolls? Like of all times? :D If I would have to name one that would be Cruella De Vil from The Disney Villains Designer Collection Dolls: I have also Queen of Hearts and Ursula - the rest I don't like so much :D

18 wyscene | 15. dubna 2014 v 23:10 | Reagovat

MyScene doll was the first one that I bought for myself too - a sister's friend had Day and Nite Barbie and I was totally enchanted that I need some of this wonderful dolls for myself :D Then I created this blog and I never bought another doll... (except Shim'r from Barbie film A Fashion Fairytale :D) Maybe it's strange but I think I haven't got the most favourite doll :) Omg that dolls from The Disney Villains Designer Collection Dolls are totally amazing! And you've got very good choice! I also like Mother Gothel but it's maybe because I love Tangled ;)

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